Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Why Should Not Put It Off

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common surgery that people undergo. But before you undergo this procedure, you want to understand the process and why it can be necessary. You may have concerns like why your wisdom teeth should be removed and whether or not the procedure is painful. Read on to understand more about wisdom tooth extraction.

What Could Warrant a Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Often, wisdom teeth are removed if you have erupted or twisted wisdom teeth. Also, your dentist will recommend such extraction if you have gum disease, tooth decay or periodontal disease. If your wisdom teeth are impacted or infected, the procedure may also be necessary.

How to Tell It’s Time for an Extraction

Sometimes, it could be time to get your wisdom teeth extracted but you didn’t know it. Visit your dentist or oral surgeon and discuss your wisdom teeth’s position and health. They should be able to give you the right solution for your situation. They may have various options for you such as a root canal therapy, dental implants and more. You may not feel or notice any signs that you need an extraction; however, your dentist may suggest a removal of those teeth especially if the following is true to your situation:

  • Your wisdom teeth do not emerge fully through the gums. This can cause bacterial infection.
  • You have wisdom teeth that grow crooked and possible damage other teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth that haven’t erupted can show signs of cyst development. This can put the surrounding bone or tissue at risk of infections and damage.

When to get an Extraction

As with other teeth, every tooth forms a crown first which is pushed up once the root develops. In general, wisdom teeth should be removed between ages 16 and 22 since the root’s formation is not complete yet. For older people, impacted teeth can cause some symptoms. Wisdom tooth removal can be done at any age; however, as you get older, the procedure and recovery can be harder and there is a greater risk of complications.

In case your dentist recommends a removal of your wisdom tooth, have it done right away. Impacted teeth can develop cavities which can spread to other teeth. This means that putting off the procedure can result in losing more teeth.

A wisdom tooth removal should not be something that should scare you. It is more beneficial to you than you might have thought. With the expertise of your dentist, you can have a comfortable dental experience.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin