What You Need to Know About the Dianabol + Testosterone Stack

The Dianabol and Testosterone stack is one of the most common stacks or combination used in the bodybuilding circle. Dianabol alone can be used in a cycle. But we already know that Dianabol can cause testosterone suppression, so this is the reason why most users, especially men, would need to stack their Dianabol cycle with Testosterone.

 Dianabol is used to kickstart a bulking cycle. As long as you are taking the correct dosage, you are sure that you are getting the most out of these steroids. Dianabol and Test cycle chart that you usually find in bodybuilding and steroid websites will help you identify the best dosage and frequency for you.

The Dianabol and Testosterone Stack: What Beginners Need to Know

  Steroids like Dianabol can cause testosterone suppression. This is one of the adverse effects that you usually get from using steroids. Bodybuilders and athletes are used to this. And this is the reason why most people would add testosterone to their cycle. Testosterone is the most important component of the muscle building process.

Your body produces testosterone, but to combat the suppression, taking synthetic testosterone lessen the side effects. Using synthetic Testostosterone is known to improve your energy levels, endurance, and also increase your muscle mass gains. The purpose of Testosterone to your Dianabol stack is to get the massive size and energy boosting effects of Dianabol.

Why Stack Dianabol and Testosterone for Bodybuilding?

            Dianabol and Testosterone have the same effects. This is according to the reviews shared on the web. This is why most users question why use two products when they have the same results? Dianabol is a fast-acting drug compared to Testosterone, but it is also more toxic.

Dianabol is a jump starter while the Testosterone will sustain you for a long time. Dianabol has more side effects that’s why it is advised to use it for 4 to 6 weeks only. So even though these two have the same results, they deliver it in different ways.

Dianabol and Post-Cycle Therapy 

Some people think that Testosterone will not cause side effects. But contrary to this popular belief, Testosterone does have side effects but are milder compared to other steroids. Dianabol can be toxic to the liver. This is why a proper post-cycle therapy or PCT is very important. You cannot just abruptly stop using the product. You need to gradually wean from Dianabol to avoid causing shock to the system. This means that you use it to jump start a cycle after you’re done, you should completely flush it out of your system.

Dianabol and Testosterone Stack: Is it Safe?

            There is nothing considered “safe” when it comes to steroids for bodybuilding. Dianabol is one of the most toxic products ever used for performance and bodybuilding enhancements. This is why it is strongly stressed that a Post Cycle therapy is very important. Its possible side effects should not be taken lightly. Experienced users always advise the beginners to take Dianabol and Testosterone stack with extra caution.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin