What Conditions are Considered As a Dental Emergency and the Treatment Required

As an adult if you are losing teeth, it qualifies for a dental emergency. A dental emergency can be a scary experience and send panic into people who experience it. You must always be prepared to deal with a dental and an oral emergency.

Gums and teeth can bleed, and these could be some other types of injuries when it comes to treating a dental emergency. No matter what time of the day or night it is seek an emergency appointment immediately. Do not wait until morning, if you are having a tooth pain.

Conditions for a dental emergency

When there is a gap between the teeth, the adjacent teeth shift and this makes the teeth look crooked. When you sense that the teeth have shifted or moved this can also be considered a dental emergency.

Chipped and fractured teeth must also be addressed immediately as these problems can escalate. If there is tearing inside the mouth or an oral trauma then it needs to be taken care of.

What to do during an oral emergency?

  • If there is bleeding or swelling it can lead to oral cancer.
  • In such a situation apply a cold compress before you visit your dentist.
  • Keep the oral dental kits ready as you need it during such situations.
  • Keep a small container handy should there be a teeth injury.
  • If there is a wound, use a handkerchief for applying pressure on the teeth.
  • Use aspirin and other blood thinners when you have oral bleeding.
  • When playing sports use a mouth guard.
  • Visit your dentist for a regular check up.
  • Regular maintenance of teeth can prevent oral emergencies.
  • Doing this can prevent infections and damage of tooth.
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months.

Internal damages are not apparent

The wisdom tooth causing inconvenience needs to be removed because you cannot clean it, thoroughly. It leads to decay as well as further bone and nerve damage. They also cause severe toothache.

Only a dentist can analyse the tooth internally and externally through scans and x-rays. This gives them the picture of the level of damage to the tooth. Burke Virginia dentists can be called for dental emergencies.

Share your concerns with a dentist

When you visit the Burke Virginia dentists, you can share your anxieties and concerns with them, so they can addresses your problems in a relaxing manner. The emergency dental care in Burke VA is available 24×7.


Do not ignore dental emergencies as it could turn into bigger problems. Take treatment as soon as you can when you face an emergency.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin