This Glass Blunt Will Make You Retire Your Cheap Glass Pipes

Ok to be clear, this of course can not ever hope to replace the amazing experience of smoking a legitimate and high quality blunt. There’s just something about that sweet tobacco leaf stuffed to the brim with weed that can’t be beat. The thing is though, if you smoke more than a blunt per day, or even just a few per week, all that tobacco and the nicotine in it can have a pretty raunchy effect on your lungs. Especially if you’re used to smoking out of cheap glass pipes too, a glass blunt might be a great alternative for your daily smoking needs that could give your lungs a bit of a breather from those potent blunt wraps.

There are lots of glass blunts available in head shops and online, and they’re generally quite simple designs wherein you fill a glass blunt shaped tube with your weed and pack it down then puff away. This sort of design isn’t optimal though and it’s tough to keep your cherry burning unless you’re a madman and hit it almost non-stop. That’s why 7Pipe went ahead and created the Twisty Glass Blunt. This highly innovative piece will cost you more than any cheap glass pipes you’ve ever had, about 50$ for the standard models. Considering the money it may save you on blunt wraps though, it could be a great investment.

What sets the Twisty aside from other glass blunts is the simple use of a screw which you rotate into the blunt. This serves multiple functions, one being that it cools the smoke. The screw acts as a heatsink so when the smoke has to travel down the spiral length of it, some of the heat is absorbed along the way so you can enjoy some nice big hits which won’t sear your throat. Even cooler yet though, the screw allows you, as the name suggests, to give it a twist so you can ash it off easily. You simply fill the tube with weed, twist the screw into with the cap on at the end in order to pack it down tight, then light her up. As your cherry works it’s way down and a big chunk of ash forms, give the mouthpiece attached to the screw a quick twist and watch the ash fall away on its own. It’s an awesome smoking experience and nothing’s stopping you from enjoying a real blunt as a special treat here and there with your friends either!

Post Author: Quivier Kanin