How to Select a LASIK Surgeon

If you decided to have LASIK surgery to improve your vision, it is essential that you choose the best surgeon you can find. When it comes to laser eye surgery you’ve numerous options, so it is important to take your time when choosing a medical centre. Your surgeon must be highly skilled with plenty of experience dealing with corrective eye surgery. Here are some tips to help you find the right surgeon.


When choosing an eye doctor, you must ask them numerous questions about their level of certification.  Try and find out if the person you are speaking to is qualified beyond having a standard licence which allows them to practice medicine. Is the clinic and surgeon in question recognised by the American Board of Medical Specialists? Have they certified the doctor to practice in this specialist field? There are several organisations that require eye doctors in the US to complete specific training courses and personal development paths to ensure they are board certified, so check with the clinic before you decide to use a specific ophthalmologist.


Although advertisements won’t help you to decide on who to choose, they give you an idea about the clinics in your area who offer LASIK treatment. Most reputable refractive surgery clinics will spend money on solid marketing campaigns to attract customers to their establishment, this includes placing advertisements on the Internet, social media sites, on the TV, in local newspapers and popular magazines. Some ads will contain highly informative content, while others may highlight their affordable pricing. This is an excellent starting point to help you select a clinic, an ad that contains LASIK treatment at a low price shouldn’t be your main criterion when picking a clinic, price isn’t everything when choosing where to have your eyesight restored.


When choosing an eye surgeon to perform LASIK, you should speak to your local optician to find out information on reliable, professional surgeons in your area. Tell the optician that you are interested in having laser eye surgery and you’d like some recommendations on medical centres with the best reputation.

You can also speak to family or friends who have had laser eye surgery, they may be able to refer you to a clinic. LASIK is so popular now that you should easily be able to find a close relative or friend who has had the treatment.


Go online and conduct some research on the subject, you can do a quick Google search for LASIK surgeons in your hometown. For example, a search for LASIK San Antonio, will reveal several top clinics in your area that offer laser eye surgery. Write down their details and contact the medical centre if you need more information on the subject.

You must use a medical professional you can trust, an individual who comes highly recommended in your area. Your eyesight is very important, that’s why it is essential that you choose the correct surgeon and clinic. Conduct as much research as possible and ask numerous questions during consultations to help you make a more informed decision.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin