How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening has always been in demand because it has become very common for teeth to lose their lustre over time due to many reasons – well, mostly due to the food we consume.

The reason why your teeth lose shine and become yellow over the years is also mainly due to age – just like your hair grey as you get old. Teeth becoming yellow over time is a natural part of the aging process. Our tooth enamel begins to thin as we get older due to everyday wear and tear. This causes the dentin which is a layer beneath our enamel to show more, giving our teeth a more yellow look. Therefore, it is great to visit DentEssential Richmond in order to get good oral health.

Apart from ageing there are several other factors that can contribute to the yellowing of teeth such as:

  1.    Certain medications
  2.    Food and drink
  3.    Tobacco use
  4.    Dental trauma
  5.    Poor dental hygiene

We suggest you change some of your lifestyle habits if you want to prevent your teeth from yellowing. Quit the use of tobacco in any form and limit the use of caffeine related drinks. Consume acidic food and drinks in limited quantity to avoid damaging the enamel. Wine, coffee, tea, soda, etc can stain your teeth. Brushing your teeth and maintaining general oral hygiene habits will help delay the yellowing of teeth.

There are two kinds of stains that one has on their teeth

  1. Surface, or “extrinsic” stains:

These are caused by smoking and bad eating and drinking habits. The stains occur on the surface of the enamel.

  1. “Intrinsic” stains:

These stains are deeper and occur inside the tooth.

A whitening toothpaste can be used to remove surface stains on your teeth. These whitening toothpastes contain special abrasives to gently polish the teeth and certain chemicals to help break down stains. But remember not all of these whitening toothpastes are safe to be used daily. Some should only be used for a temporary purpose because they can be tough on tooth enamel. Make sure to always read labels for how to use them.

However, intrinsic stains can’t be removed by using whitening toothpastes. You will need to actually change the color of your teeth to get that brighter smile. A bleaching agent made up of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide breaks the stain into smaller pieces, making the color less concentrated and leaving you with pearly white teeth.

Other common ways to bleach your teeth are whitening strips and gels, tray-based tooth whiteners that are easily available in the market. Or, you can always come in for an in-office whitening services supervised by our expert Dentists at SmileXcellence Richmond.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin