Four Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the inability of a man to achieve an erection or keep it for a long time. This condition can be suffered at any age, although it is quite common in older men. There are many causes of ED including depression, certain diseases and surgical procedures. And they can be treated with impotence and harder erections supplements and drugs.

Although a lot of men do not want to talk about their condition, they have to discover the problem early since the condition could also indicate other health issues like heart disease and high blood pressure. Below are some signs that you have erectile dysfunction.

Failure to Get an Erection

Some people with ED struggle to get an erection when attempting to have a sexual intercourse with their partner; however, have no problem with masturbation. Physicians suggest that those who don’t get an erection over 50% of the time may have ED.

Moreover, a full-blown ED may involve having no response to any sexual stimulation. Those who experience this type of result need more than just pills. They have to see a medical professional who specializes in sexual health and ED. A chronic ED requires a medical solution which will open the blood vessels to allow the flow of blood to the penis.

Too Many Erections at Night

Erectile dysfunction could also be suffered by those who experience erections many times while in their sleep. This type of ED is psychological-related.

Inability to Maintain

Some men who have ED may achieve an erection; however, not able to maintain it to reach a climax. Such condition doesn’t have to do with the partner’s look. Rather, this occurs as a sign of an impending chronic erectile dysfunction.

Loss of Firmness

This symptom can be experienced by men in their thirties. This type of erectile dysfunction is characterized by erections that are not firm enough for an intercourse. A great solid erection is one that achieves 95 percent firmness. But, such firmness can decrease up to 3 percent every year, diminishing a man’s ability to satisfy his partner.

Testosterone level reduction has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. But, the main culprits are the medications a man takes such as those for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Also, the diet may contribute to this condition over time. Those who are suspecting they have ER should see their doctor right away.


Post Author: Quivier Kanin