Dental Tourism – A New Dimension of Tourism in the Republic of Moldova

Dental tourism is a great opportunity for people who want to benefit from dental services (such as dental implants, teeth whitening or dental fillings) in other cities or countries, where dental services are provided at high-quality standards, but at lower prices than at home.

Dental tourism is a novelty for post-Soviet countries, while in Europe it is an already widespread phenomenon. Tourists from developed countries are happy traveling to Moldova to get quality dental services at lower prices. Relatively low prices and reduced medical care make this type of tourism more and more popular and attractive. The advantages of dental tourism in Moldova are, obviously, the opportunity to visit the country, benefiting from complex dental treatment, and saving a considerable amount of money.

In the Republic of Moldova, some clinics do not engage in treating dental tourists – it happens when the clinics are not equipped to provide these services or due to the lack of a well-coordinated plan of activity, a language barrier or insufficient technical bases. Other dental clinics, however, put a lot of faith in the idea of medical tourism, so they have all these and even more – Imperial Dent, for example, has everything it takes to provide quality services to foreign patients.

The Imperial Dent Clinic is constantly working with patients around the world. The clinic has extensive experience in the treatment of patients from:

  • Romania,
  • Italy,
  • Poland,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Germany,
  • UK,
  • The United States.

This clinic has the same equipment and uses the same materials as dental clinics in Europe and the US, but at the same time the cost of implantation, prosthesis and general dental treatment is a few times smaller!

An indisputable advantage is that in the Imperial Dent clinic, complex treatment can be done in record terms. The wide range of services includes the entire spectrum of manipulations required for the most complicated dental treatments. At Imperial Dent, you can perform a complex dental treatment during the therapeutic visit, including endodontic treatment using the microscope, for periodontal treatment with the latest techniques and materials.

Prosthetics. Forgetting the modesty, one can say that Imperial Dent doctors use the latest technology to provide all possible prosthetic options. The Carl Zeiss endodontic microscope ensures high-precision treatment and high level of complexity for all the procedures that require it.

Dental implantation. The extraordinary experience and professionalism of Imperial Dent doctors allows the dental implantation of international standards, thanks to the use of the latest materials and equipment.

How does the dental tourism program work at Imperial Dent

  • Contact the clinic specialists through a phone call, via Skype, or at the email address.
  • Send the X-ray images of the tooth/teeth, to determine the treatment you need.
  • The treatment will take place according to an individual plan developed for each client.
  • The budget will be set. If necessary, a transfer is organized.
  • In case he desires this, the patient is accommodated in a comfortable hotel or apartment near the clinic.
  • Depending on the interests and preferences of the foreign patient, an entertainment program will also be developed.

Imperial Dent invites you to take part in the most interactive journey in the Republic of Moldova, combining a great time with quality dental treatment.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin