Dental Implants – The Right Solution to the Problem of Tooth Loss

There are many causes of tooth loss – accidents, cavities, gum disease or they may be congenitally missing. The worst part is if you one of your frontal teeth is missing it can cause a lot of shame and embarrassment. More so, tooth loss causes the adjacent jaw bone to shrink.

Are you missing a few or all of your teeth? Well, you’re not alone. This has prompted many people to probe further into finding the best solution to their problem. Perhaps, you’ve tried dentures but discovered that it’s unreliable and less convenient. The stress of daily removal and cleaning dentures is indeed a herculean task. Due to the fact that dentures are not stable, wearers experience difficulty while chewing.  Worst still, you will feel great pain when food particles mistakenly get trapped in your mouth.

The Best Option To Go For

For obvious reasons, people who have experienced missing teeth are looking for the most ideal option for replacing their missing teeth. Dental implants procedure is the answer you seek. Implants restore your smile and replace your missing teeth with natural looking and functional ones. When you are suffering from tooth decay or gum disease, then you know the kind of pain you’re subjected to. Pain is perhaps the most important reason for an individual to consider teeth restoration procedures. This sharp pain is felt when the patient drinks ice-cold water. Other examples are the gnashing of teeth, chewing, and much more. The classic signs of tooth decay are when eating and drinking become very difficult. Also, cavities give out the earliest sign of tooth problems. Once the teeth begin to react to different temperatures of food, one should consult a dentist.

Dental implants are designed to restore functionality. This is perhaps the most important benefit of implant treatment. Not only will dental implants restore normal functioning, they also improve the appearance of the teeth, giving it a more natural look. In fact, the only reason why some people choose dental implants is that they come with a natural look. So, no one has to know they are pseudo-teeth.

The Procedure

Basically, dental implant is an artificial foundation that can be used in place of the natural tooth root. The implant body is placed and set to fit rightly into the jawbone. Titanium is a space-age metal which helps the implant to sit tightly on the bone tissues, forming a permanent bond. The bonding process takes no more than six weeks to complete. During this period, the patient wears temporary replacement teeth at all times.

And what you’ll get in the end is a new set of teeth, which not only restores your beautiful smile but also provides the same functionality as a natural set of teeth would. Equally impressive is the fact that dental implants are rarely affected by diseases and can last for an extended period if properly maintained.

Dental implants require proper maintenance to last a lifetime. To do this, you will have to go for regular check up.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin