Benefits of Root Planning and Scaling

Among the most common and frequent dental practices performed is scaling and root planning. These two procedures are related to removing tartar and plaque buildup. If they are not cleaned and removed from the teeth, eventually they result in the decay of the teeth.

The method of scaling and root planning effectively removes all signs of plaque and tartar so the gums are smoothened and saved from the formation of diseases due to the bacteria present.

Both of these dental cleaning methods are non-surgical. If the patient regularly gets a checkup with their dentist, the dentist will easily point out in due time if the patient requires the treatment of scaling and root planning. If the problem is detected in its early stage, the dentist can perform the procedure of scaling and root planning and thus save the patient from getting a major procedure like periodontal surgery or a root canal.

Should I Get the Treatment of Scaling and Root Planning When I Absolutely Need It

It is generally recommended that you visit your dentist regularly and have it cleaned once every six months or so. It is not necessary that you get the treatment when you absolutely have to.

Doing so, you will save yourself from bad breath and gum diseases forming up. Good oral hygiene is extremely important.

These dental procedures are ideal for cases of tooth damage and decay. Root planning and scaling can save your teeth from a root canal, or even a tooth extraction. Usually, these two dental procedures are performed in combination with other procedures, for example, dental filling and teeth whitening.

Benefits of Planning and Scaling

  1. Scaling and planning offer many benefits for those individuals who have gum diseases. It can help control and eventually recover from their disease.
  2. Scaling or planning prevents dental concerns that require costlier dental work.
  3. Scaling or planning prevents the chances of gum diseases to form.
  4. Scaling or planning can be extremely effective in curing all your gum diseases and getting your health back to normal.
  5. Scaling or planning can prevent tooth loss. It can cure your diseases before they turn into serious problems that will require you to get a root canal, or even a tooth extraction followed by a dental implant.
  6. Scaling or planning is painless practice. Your dentist will give you a local anesthetic and you will not be able to feel a thing. All traces of plaque, tartar and food debris will be taken out without you feeling any discomfort or pain.
  7. The recovery time for scaling or planning is quick and rapid. Though you may start to experience some bleeding or pain during the first couple of days, you do not have to worry. It will eventually subside quickly on its own. Your dentist will ask you to come for a follow-up so they can analyze the conditions of your gums, as well as see how well they are healing.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin