Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

You have probably heard about dental crowns and their benefits to your teeth. However, you don’t know when you need them. To avoid any assumptions, it is best to visit your dentist for an examination and recommendation. But there are signs which may mean you need a dental crown. You may need a dental crown if you experience any of the following.

You Have a Weak Tooth Structure

When your tooth’s structural integrity is weak, it may need additional protection. The weakness can be caused by bone loss or tooth decay. When the tooth can’t support itself, a dental crown can help in protecting it from breakage. To ensure you get a quality crown, ensure you choose the right dentist to visit.

Your Tooth is Cracked

Don’t take a cracked tooth lightly because it may be serious and requires a dental crown. The cracked tooth’s fracture won’t heal on its own. When left untreated, vertical cracks can make your tooth sensitive to cold, heat and sugar. At worst, the cracks can be the reason for your tooth to break. In order to protect the cracked tooth, your dentist may suggest a dental crown.

You Want Improvement in How your Tooth Looks

Dental crowns help in improving the look of your tooth in many ways. They can be custom made for every tooth and you can pick a lighter color if you want to brighten your smile. In the case of a discolored or decayed tooth, talk to your dentist for the right dental crown option for you.

You Have Dental Deformities

Dental deformities like missing teeth, discoloration and inappropriate spacing can negatively affect your self-image and cause you cosmetic insecurity. These can change how you speak and act in front of other people. Dental crowns, when designed and fitted by experts, can eliminate such unsightly deformities, giving you a natural and pleasing look. They work to restore your confidence by being able to flash an attractive, natural smile.

Your Tooth Filling is Quite Huge

A tooth filling is quite big if it covers at least two-thirds of your tooth. This can happen when you let an incompetent dentist gives you the filling. A big filling can compromise your tooth’s structural integrity and replacement of this filling may result in permanent tooth damage. In order to protect your tooth that has a very big filling, visit a reputable dentist to know your dental crown options.

You Need a Root Canal

A root canal includes removing a big part of your tooth to access the root. The process minimizes the structural integrity of the tooth so you will need a dental crown to cover the hole and protect your tooth from everyday wear and tear.

There are a lot of ways a happy smile and health mouth benefit you. To get the most out of your dental visits, choose one of the reputable dental offices in Newnan GA whose dentists take your best interest in mind.


Post Author: Quivier Kanin