5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Dentist

Dental care isn’t cheap in the US, so it only makes sense to be extra cautious while finding a dentist. But how would you know if he/she really is any good? Well, that’s exactly why we have the following five tips for you to go through.

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If you are looking for a Summerlin dentist, everyone will tell you that Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas is a great choice in the area and that’s because the clinic has a reputation that precedes it. The same logic applies pretty much everywhere; if a dentist or a clinic is really good, you probably have heard good things about it. The only exception to this rule is the new dentists and dental clinics which are yet to make a reputation for themselves, but we have plenty of other points on this list for you to judge them by.


While new places may not have a reputation right away, what they generally do have is the latest technology. Any dental clinic that you are visiting should ideally have a digital 3D X-ray machine, a laser machine for whitening and pain relief, along with all the other regular dentistry equipment. Even if the dentist in question is really good, there is only so much he/she can do without the right technology to work with.

Background Check

In the United States, all dentists working in a particular state have their history uploaded and updated constantly on the state dental board website. You should be able to find all dentists on the state’s website, as long they are registered and licensed dental practitioners working within the state. By looking at the dentist’s history, patients can find out if or how many times the dentist has been sued and for what reason. Just like any other background check, these are effective in revealing the past of a dental professional.

Visit Them

Sometimes, a phone call is sufficient to know the basics about a dentist, but there are a few problems with this method. Firstly, you cannot really expect a busy professional to sit down and answer your interview questions on the phone and secondly, it’s very hard to judge one’s dental skills on the phone! It’s a much better idea to pay at least one visit to the dentist in question to evaluate the quality of services on offer. You can always consult another professional because you don’t have to go through all the procedures right away. If the dentist insists on going through with a procedure right away, it might be time to check other options.


The attitude of the staff and the dentist is very important, especially if you have children. Going to the dentist is not a pleasant thought for most of us and when it’s children we are talking about, all the more so! This is why it’s important that the staff and the dentists at the clinic are friendly. Besides, it makes little sense to pay good money and not feel welcome.

If your dentist or dental clinic manages to tick off all the boxes on this list, then you are at the right place to keep the oral health of yourself and your family in the best condition.

Post Author: Quivier Kanin